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White Grass


Browse Kolkata

The city that is praised for feeding the stomach and the soul - Kolkata. Ah, the memory rings fresh even now. The bell at a bakery-cafe, the crunch of puchkas, the moving yellow on the streets.  Mind you, back in 2017, I was all of 20 something and still living under my parent’s roof in the garden city of Bangalore. It had all that we needed - the crisp cold weather, the trees at Cubbon, beers at Pecos. It had a sense of newness too, a colorful melange of people and a confluence of cultures. What it didn’t have was the substance to quench my ignorant thirst for more.


Browse Varkala & Kovalam

Kerala in the monsoons is nothing like its sunny self. What I remember from those days are -- cold toes against damp floors, constant petrichor so much that it became the air I breathed, an angry Arabian sea, and my purple umbrella being surrendered to the whipping winds more than once. For all the gray and gloom, morning always came with forgiveness and plenty of sunshine and strolling around was short of impossible. On these photowalks, sometimes I saw a laid back tourist-beach-town and sometimes, I saw a certain happiness that only comes by being near the sea.


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