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Portrait of Priya Bala near a cliff

Well, hello!

Of the many hats I wear, I always find it easier to strip off the labels and keep things acoustic. I have had what you’d call an unstable upbringing - moving 14 schools before my 6th grade - but it only showed me one of the things I identify as. A curious chameleon. I can camouflage, adapt, stay introverted, and blissfully live life with a keen eye for adventure amongst the mundane.

I am from a creative cluster where pouring your passion into your work and meeting marketing objectives are two very different things. Therefore, I am now happily unemployed after 8 taxing years, only to take the right step in the next direction. I write, I strategize, I lead; I am done (temporarily.)

Solo travel has been my form of therapy for the last 5 years and having new ground beneath my feet brings on my brightest blush. I have grown fond of traveling for the purpose of connection -- with diverse cultures, fresh characters, and nature’s abundance. I never travel without my paraphernalia of fat books, scribble pads, mountain teas, and my beloved Polaroid camera.

I crave French toasts and Americanos, the swell of a full moon tide, the luxury of time to explore. I despise shallow conversations, stagnancy, and an unfinished book. I stay in Bangalore - running into good friends at random bars, writing at underrated coffee shops, and embracing that slow-living, deep-traveling, sweet life.

Oh, and I brought a collection of poetry into this world, you can get your copy here.

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