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Postcards of the Wanderess 2021

The third collection came on the heels of a lockdown and is close to my heart for purely existing despite the challenges. Out of these prints came a great many custom orders including wall prints.

The collection of 30 images was categorized into WHEREABOUTS, ATMOSPHERIC, SOLACE, ASSEMBLAGE, VINTAGE, and ABUNDANCE.

© These Images Are Copyrighted
Abundance I Amoeboid
Atmospheric I Swirling Seas
Solace I Tropic Thirst
Treasures I Of Battles Before
Solace I Markers for Men
Abundance I Spinning Glass
Treasures I History in Repetition
Whereabouts I Sundowner
Treaures I Heavens High
Atmospheric I Coastal Chorus
Whereabouts I The Trance of Traditions
Whereabouts I Stalling Summer
Abundance I Sunchasing
Atmospheric I Twlight Heartbreak
Atomspheric I Celestial
Whereabouts I A Legacy Illuminated
Atmospheric I Body of Angst
Abundance I Porous Prizes
Solace I Woolgathering
Treasures I Split Yet Shining
Abundnance I Sunbasking
Solace I A Seat in the Sun
Treasures I A Temple Welcome
Treasures I Distant Details
Whereabouts I Spilled Light
Whereabouts I Homecoming
Whereabouts I A Trail by the Track
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