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Postcards of the Wanderess 2019

Hard to believe that the OG collection was actually a creative gifting solution for Christmas. I turned that year's travels into decorative postcards to spruce up work desks and to inspire others to travel.

The original set showcased below will be available for the first time in the 2023 collection. Stay tuned!  

© These Images Are Copyrighted
flower seller holding pink lilies
Langur of India
Kolkata street art
Note found in forest
Indian puppets of Rajasthan
Chinese Fishing Nets
Tea pickers of Ooty, India
block print stamps Indian
coastline with palm trees and coean
view from a lighthouse of ocean
Bookkeeper in an Indian palace
antique tiles in an Indian palace
sunset over a lake in Sri Lanka
Heritage palace on lakefront
step wells of Rajasthan
boulder temple and tree
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