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Postcards of the Wanderess 2020

The collection for 2020 was a special one as it grew to include more images as well as different formats. Each of the prints were now available as postcards,customized giftcards, and a calendar to welcome the new year.

The collection of 21 prints was categorized into WHEREABOUTS, ATMOSPHERIC, SOLACE, ASSEMBLAGE, and VINTAGE.

© These Images Are Copyrighted
vintage dressing table
fairy lights against ocean
scarecrow in corn field
vintage antique brass bell
palm trees in India
breakfast table speia
vintage sunglasses on chair
pink lily pond
windmills on a highway
storefront of a bakery
sunset skies pink rays
sunset skies dark blue
evergreen trees Bangalore
vintage cane lounging chair
stained glass in church
healthy breakfast aesthetic
seafront view of the ocean
white lilies presentation
cutting board top spread
gray clouds and stormy sky
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